Security Advice - a range of useful articles to read or print

The Association has produced a number of 'Security Advice Notes' on crime prevention and related matters.
These are freely available to download and use as appropriate.


Doorlock Security - Updated Information
There is an inherent weakness in older or cheaper Eurolock cylinders that is being exploited by burglars.
It is recommended that you fit replacement cylinders which conform to:
BS: TS007:2012-Three Star certification. These locks carry the BS Kite mark.

General Information on Locks
Information supplied by Sergeant Geoff Crocker of Harrogate Police and based on a page from the Secured by Design Website which he suggests is worth looking at:

Doorstep Crime

No Cold Calling Zones
NCCZs are formally set up by the Trading Standards Dept. of North Yorkshire County Council as one part of an initiative designed to reduce distraction burglaries and rogue trading (doorstep crime)
To print a copy of the Application Form, go to ‘Forms to Download

Bogus Callers
Bogus callers deliberately set out to con you...

Trading Standards - Good Practice
Tips and good practices when dealing with doorstep sellers...


Identity Theft
There is one alarming growth area of criminality and that is of identity theft leading to fraud...

There are hundreds of types of scams – fake lotteries and prize draws, incredible schemes to make money quickly...

Investment Fraud
This is a particularly harmful type of fraud, with some of the most vulnerable members of society being targeted by organised crime gangs using high pressurised cold calling techniques.

Home & Building Security

Home Security
The first thing a burglar wants to know about your home is whether there is anyone in...

Garden Sheds & Outbuildings
You can make your garden your property’s first line of defence against crime and at the same time, bring colour and variety to your garden...

Here is a check list of “do's and don'ts” that could save you the heartache of having your home burgled when you are away...

Sneak Thieves
Consider the following situation. Your house is well secured; alarm, window locks, door locks etc.

Smoke Alarms - Printable A4 Poster
Smoke is the biggest killer in domestic fires. You are six times more likely to die in a fire if you do not have an alarm fitted.

Property Security
By going onto the National Mobile Property Register website and registering for free you can record any item...

Car Crime
If you have not found yourself a victim of vehicle crime you should consider yourself lucky because vehicle crime accounts for a very high proportion of all recorded crime...

Bicycle Security
More than half a million bicycles are stolen every year. (Source: British Crime Survey)...

Mobile Phones
This is what you should do to safeguard your mobile phone: You should register your phone with both your mobile network and at


Acting With Your Neighbour
The Neighbourhood Watch principle is not meant to be intrusive, quite the opposite. It is meant to be reciprocal...

Nominated Neighbour Scheme
Harrogate & District Neighbourhood Watch Association and your local police recognise the benefits that a Nominated Neighbour Scheme can contribute...

Anti-social Behaviour
Anti-social behaviour can destroy lives and shatter communities. Basically, it is behaviour that is generally agreed to be unacceptable...

Hate Crime Awareness
NY Police Leaflet. What is hate crime?

Disputes between neighbours can sometimes get out of hand. Mediation is a way of sorting out differences...

Dog Fouling Awareness

Residents who attend Safer Neighbourhood Group Meetings (SNGs) usually hear more complaints about dog fouling than criminal activity…..

Junior Citizens

Safety Tips for Junior Citizens
Here are a few practical hints and tips about staying safe when you are out and about

Neighbourhood Watch Signs

Fixing Neighbourhood Watch Signs to the new slim black painted Lamp Posts
There is a problem with the new posts in that they are the same diameter along their whole length and painted glossy black. This can cause the signs that are fitted solely with plastic ties to slide down the poles.

From time to time these notes will be updated and further notes may be added

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