Frequently Asked Questions

Answer How do I contact The Association?
Go to the Contact Us page for various options – but please note that these contacts are solely intended for administration matters only and NOT to report incidents, for which you should contact the police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Answer How do I obtain Neighbourhood Watch Signs?
You need to download and read our full 4 page 'NHW Signs Policy' document on the entire process which can be found on our 'Forms to Download' page

Answer How do I stop signs sliding down the new slim lamposts?
The best method is to use double-sided foam fixing tape on the back of the signs - read the full article explaining all you need to know. Read >>

Answer How do I go about setting up a scheme?
Read our page on exactly that subject. More >

How much time is involved in being a Co-ordinator?
As much as you can manage. Your main job is to keep your members informed.

As a Co-ordinator how much support will I get?
A set-up meeting, member packs, police back-up, CMS messages, newsletters, website and Members’ Support Meetings.

How many houses should there be in a scheme?
As many as you can cope with, but 20-30 is ideal, as you need to be able get information round as efficiently as possible.

We often have false alarms sounding all night - Is there a way to get these turned off?

Yes - it is the task of Harrogate Borough Council's Environmental Health Officers and, to shorten the time it takes, they are promoting a scheme to register key holders of properties with alarms so they can turn them off without the Officers having to resort to forcible entry.

The Council gets approximately 50 complaints every year about intruder alarms sounding. The vast majority are sounding falsely and Environmental Health Officers have to get these turned off, sometimes by force.
The cost of this is passed on to the owner or occupier of the house and the bill can run into hundreds of pounds.
An alarm should have a 20 minute cut-out to stop it from ringing for long periods. Even if it does have a cut out it may be triggered over and over again by a fault or even by a pet. Even the best maintained alarm systems can develop faults so you can help us, and perhaps save yourself a considerable sum of money, by having someone else hold a key for you.
We recommend that alarms should be serviced annually to ensure they are working correctly.

 If you let us know who your key holders are, we can contact them for you and get your alarm turned off without trauma.

To obtain the Burglar Alarm Key Holder Registration Form and for more information please e-mail your details to:

Why do you use PDF files on this site?
PDF files are a very convenient way of allowing viewers of a site to download, view and print any articles or leaflets that are available. It is now accepted by web users that most downloads will be in this format. To view PDF files you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.
Most recent PCs will probably have it installed but if you do not have this program you can easily download it for free from You may be asked to download or run a security scan at this page so make sure you know how to decline the offer if you want to...
Download Acrobat Reader >>


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