Will be held at 7.15 p.m. on Thursday, 19th September 2019 at
The Green Hut Community Centre, Harlow Avenue, Harrogate HG2 0AS

1. Welcome
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 28 June 2018
4. Matters Arising
5. Chair’s Report
6. Treasurer’s Report 2017/18
7. Appointment of Independent Financial Examiner 2018/19
8. Election of Committee Chair Deputy Chair Treasurer Secretary Committee Members
9. Future Role of the Association
10. Data Protection Regulations
11. Any Other Business

A glass of wine will be available immediately with the meeting proper to start promptly at 7.30 p.m.

A major item for discussion will be the future of the Association. As was made clear at last year’s AGM a number of Committee Members will be standing down this year.
Unless we can recruit some additional members to the Committee then there is no way that it will be able to continue to operate and move the organisation forward in accordance with NHW best practice.

Catherine Park Peyton
Chair, Harrogate & District Neighbourhood Watch Association

Click this link to download an A4 size printable ADGENDA


Call out to Neighbours to come together to create safer, stronger and active communities!

Harrogate and District Neighbourhood Watch Association is changing and is now looking for new executive committee members to join the association to help drive forward a new vision of collaboration with local community partners and North Yorkshire Police.

Existing co-ordinators and members of the organisation, alongside interested members of the public, are invited to this year’s Annual General Meeting which will take place on Thursday 19th September 2019 at the Green Hut Community Centre, 44 Harlow Avenue, Harrogate.

Interested parties are invited for 7.15 p.m. for a glass of wine and informal conversation, ready to start the formal meeting at 7.30 p.m. A formal agenda for the meeting is available on the organisations website at

Penny Taylor, Inspector North Yorkshire Police commented ‘The importance of NHW cannot be underestimated in supporting the police to reduce and prevent crime but also improve community cohesion. No matter how big or small the group is working with the police in your local area can improve the quality of life for those that live there’

Chair of the committee, Catherine Park Peyton said “This is a key time in the history of the organisation, times have changed and our association must change also. We have vacancies on our executive committee and without new people coming forward it will not be possible to execute the changes needed in the association and may sadly see our association having to cease its operation. We are especially looking for key individuals who have experience in grant applications, social media, youth work and networking and asks that anyone interested in wanting further information emails 

Alongside our request for new committee members we are also asking members and the general public to take part in a survey which is available from the graphic below or by visiting

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