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You will need to ask some of your neighbours if they want to be involved in a NHW (Neighbourhood Watch) scheme.

If your neighbours agree, please contact the Association, or call your local North Yorkshire Police Safer Neighbourhood Team by dialling 101, for advice and support material on setting up a scheme.

The Association in conjunction with the Police will help you set up a meeting to explain what is involved and the benefits to your neighbourhood.

NHW schemes can be as large or small as you want. They can cover all of the households on an estate or just half a dozen houses in a cul-de-sac. It depends on the area and what people living there want.

A scheme is generally led by a volunteer coordinator whose job is to get people working together and make sure things get done.

The most important thing to remember is that NHW schemes can actually target crime problems and take action to prevent them. In consultation with the local police they can find out from local people what crimes most concern and affect them and focus on those specific problems.

As most crime is opportunistic and committed on the spur of the moment or when a car or house is left unlocked, there is enormous scope for reducing chances for criminals.
Whereas traditional NHW activity has focused on the immediate vicinity of homes, more and more schemes are now broadening their range of work.

Local problems such as vandalism and graffiti are well within the scope of a well organised Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

You can also take action such as fitting more secure door and window locks in vulnerable homes. You could also lobby the local authority for example, to improve street lighting or step up the security of a communal entrance.

To view or download the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme/Community Messagingr Registration Form & Watch Signs Policy and Application Form go to our Forms to Download page

For more details read the Coordinator's Handbook to appreciate what is involved. (Setting up a scheme starts on page 17)

...... or email us at for more details.

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