What a Smart Idea - Smartwater !

North Yorkshire Police, Harrogate & District Neighbourhood Watch Association and SmartWater Technology Limited have joined forces to help you protect your most treasured household possessions at a modest price. 

What is SmartWater?
SmartWater is an innovative forensic property marker that can be applied to all kinds of household valuables to make them uniquely traceable. Every bottle carries its own forensic ‘code’ which is registered to an address of location. Anything marked with your particular SmartWater solution can be identified and traced back to you if stolen. In many cases goods recovered from thieves by the police cannot be returned to the owners as they cannot be identified. Sometimes they may even have to be returned to the thief! If you mark your possessions with SmartWater and they are stolen and the police recover them then they will be able to return them to you.

Once applied SmartWater is extremely difficult to remove and can only be seen under ultraviolet light – so it won’t leave unsightly marks or stains on your valuables. You can use SmartWater on almost anything including jewellery, electrical equipment, bicycles and lawnmowers

How it works
A major benefit of SmartWater is that it is first and foremost a deterrent – so by using it you are less likely to be burgled. Thieves are reluctant to burgle houses using SmartWater because the police are equipped with ultraviolet lights and actively search for it. Consequently SmartWater-marked items increase the risk of detection and arrest, so thieves are less likely to target a home where it is used.

Every SmartWater pack is supplied with deterrent labels and stickers which should be prominently displayed around your home to warn thieves that your property is protected.

How to apply SmartWater
The solution can be applied to all household items and is simply brushed on using the supplied applicator. Once dry, SmartWater is almost impossible to remove. No specialist training is required to apply SmartWater and full application instructions are supplied with your pack.

Achieving results
In parts of the UK SmartWater has helped reduce burglary by as much as 85%. Harrogate District Police have also been using SmartWater for some time and have had excellent results.

North Yorkshire is a relatively low crime area, but we should not become complacent and now is a good time to seek and use crime prevention methods which in the event of theft will substantially increase the chances of recovery of your possessions. SmartWater is at the forefront of these crime prevention products.

How to buy your SmartWater

Only NHW & Rural Watch members may purchase SmartWater at this preferential one-off price of just £25.00 including delivery. To make a purchase, visit https://shop.smartwater.com/ and enter the unique promotional code: H4RRO25NHW
in the space provided.

(If you have a query see Q&A’s below, email - enquiry@smartwater.com or call Customer Services on 03333207797)


Q How long does SmartWater last?
A It’s guaranteed to last for five years, that’s £5 a year for peace of mind. In practice it could last longer depending on how much has been applied, if it’s outdoors or indoors, and other factors.

Q How can I check to see the liquid I’ve applied?
A All you need is a UV light. You can buy one from the main SmartWater online shop or from other retailers. Some UV lights will fluoresce SmartWater better than others. The ideal light frequency is 365nm.

Q Could I not just mark my property with a UV pen?
A There are limitations to using a UV pen. Pens don’t write on all types of surfaces. Some items such as jewellery are too small to clearly write your postcode on. Thieves can strike through a postcode, scratch or deface it. SmartWater on the other hand can be applied to virtually any item and only a small amount of it is required to recover your unique code to identify the registered owner.

Q I already have a burglar alarm, why would I need SmartWater?
A Thieves can be in and out of a property with valuables within a matter of seconds, well before the alarm is acknowledged. What criminals fear most is being caught and SmartWater puts that fear in the thief’s mind. With SmartWater’s 100% conviction rate, thieves know that if they are caught with SmartWater they have nowhere to turn. Independent research amongst offenders even shows that SmartWater is the top deterrent amongst thieves, beating burglar alarms, CCTV & even police patrols.

Q What happens if I move?
A You can update your personal details recorded on SmartWater’s database by contacting the Customer Services Team. There is no charge for this service.

Q Do I have to pay a subscription?
A No, not with this special offer to NHW residents. There are no additional or repeat costs.

Q Can I share my SmartWater with a friend or neighbour?
A No, because the code in your kit is uniquely registered to you. If you don’t own a piece of property, then don’t mark it with your code.

Q Why do I need to register?
A Every SmartWater forensic traceable liquid carries a code which is unique - we never make the same code twice. The code within your liquid, together with your name and address details, are stored on our off-line secure database, which is maintained to the highest international standards of ISO27001. If your valuables are stolen and recovered by the Police, our forensic scientists will analyse traces of SmartWater to link the stolen item back to you.

Q Why do criminals fear SmartWater?
A The most effective way of deterring criminals is to increase their chances of getting caught. Traceability makes it more difficult for a thief to sell on their stolen goods, because through traceability comes accountability - and the likelihood of proven guilt. Because the police regularly check for SmartWater on recovered stolen property and actively raise awareness of it, SmartWater is well known and feared by criminals. With hundreds of convictions and a 100% conviction rate in court to our name, criminals are aware of our power to place them at the crime scene and secure a conviction. By displaying SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent stickers, you are sending out a powerful warning to any would-be thieves.

To Contact us for more information:
Call 03333207797, email enquiry@smartwater.com or visit:  www.smartwater.com

® SmartWater, the SmartWater yellow atom logo and THIEVES BEWARE are trademarks of SmartWater Limited.
SmartWater is a proprietary forensic asset marking System and Strategy protected by worldwide trademarks and patents.


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