Neighbourhood Watch Street Signs

The familiar signs that announce to everyone that they are entering a Neighbourhood Watch area are a welcome sight to law abiding citizens. But to anyone who is up to no good it tells them that the people living in that NHW Scheme area are on their guard and are ready to phone the police if they see anything suspicious. Members also look after vulnerable neighbours and keep an eye on neighbours’ property when they are away..

If you are in the process of setting up a NHW Scheme the links below will tell you, as a Co-ordinator, all you need to know about obtaining the signs for you Scheme, erecting them and, if necessary, replacing them when they are damaged or degraded in some way.

Just click on a link to view or print a leaflet or form as required

1 North Yorkshire Police Policy on Signs

2 The process for obtaining your NHW Signs

3 Form for requesting approval for your Signs

4 Form for ordering your Signs once you have approval

5 Advice on how to erect your Signs correctly

All these forms can also be found on the 'Forms to Download' page



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